Enriching Soil

Purdue University reports that earthworms leave soil 5 to 11 percent richer in the essential plant nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium than when they first ingest it. As an organic fertilizer, vermicompost is a substitute for synthetic fertilizer in soil-enriched vegetable transplant potting mixes. As a soil conditioner, vermicompost is superior to traditional compost for its ability to improve soil structure and increase its water-holding capacity, according to the University of California’s Project Compost.

Increasing Plant Growth and Yields

Organic farmers value nonsynthetic Manures for their minimal impact on local ecosystems. When these Manures also produce faster plant growth and higher crop yields, it’s an added bonus, says Clive Edwards of the Ohio State University Extension. Edwards’ collaborative field crop experiments on tomatoes, peppers and strawberries showed that plants fertilized with organic vermicompost significantly outperformed the same crops fertilized with inorganic, synthetic chemicals. Edwards’ research revealed vermicompost tea fertilizer yielded dramatic plant growth rates and crop yields of up to 50 percent.

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Health & Safety Policy

While our business is to manufacture Organic Manures , we will not do so in a manner which could harm the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors, neighbors, customers and the community at large. Our management expects the highest standards to be applied to all aspects of Process Safety and Occupational Health and Safety and will not compromise on these standards.

Environmental Policy

We will meet both the letter and spirit of all relevant legislation and the respective Industry Associations Responsible Care Initiative while continuously improving our environmental performance.